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M.sc. IT (Cyber Security) Course

Ganpat University aims to instigate a deeper understanding of security in the cyber world and help students develop career in Cyber Security. The syllabus includes an ethical

Hacking Course, Fundamentals of forensic and digital security, cyber laws, analytics, operations in computer networking, information assurance, detection of anomalies, and software security.

After the course, the Students will be entitled to deliver their capabilities in:

  • The four major fields: Encryption, Signature Schemes, Hash Functions, and Authentication.

  • Formulation of recommendations in both: software and hardware assessment of security-related features,

  • Examine security: Find loopholes in system and provide effective solutions

  • Complete Assessment: Detect and prevent cyber-attacks

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Campus Amenities

  • Hostel Facility: The campus consists of Several well built hostel blocks,both for girls and boys with capacity of 3000 students. 

  • Computer Labs: Institute has  air conditioned computer laboratories equipped with   the latest configurations and  high speed local area network. 

  • Transportaion: We provides transportation facility from various locations. More than 30 luxury buses are regularly available for the use of students and staff

  • 367 Acres Campus: Let us grow your technical skills At widely spread green campus

  • Sports Campus: We have both Indoor and Outdoor sports campus for games like Tennis, football, cricket and many more..!

The Campus is complete with facilities like free hi speed Wi-Fi connection, gymnasium, medical center and other amenities for shopping, sports, recreation and entertainment. A shopping complex, consisting of about 20 shops, is constructed in the vicinity of the hostel blocks and caters to the daily needs of the students like groceries, stationery, laundry and grooming.

About Ganpat University

Ganpat University is one of the most Prestigious Universities established by enacting act number 19 in the year 2005. It is a State Government accredited university that has been recognized by the UGC under the 1956 UGC act Section 2(f).

Ganpat University provides students with an opportunity to make their way through new possibilities and explore various horizons by enabling students to build a career in Cyber Security at a global level.

Cyber Security Syllabus


  • Digital Security and Forensic Fundamental
  • Application Threat Detection and Defence
  • Digital Forensics & Analytics
  • Cyber Law and Indian IT Act


  • Forensic Application Development
  • Digital Forensics Part – I (Application Forensic/ Mobile Device Forensic)
  • Computer Network Operations
  • Information Assurance and Security


  • Anomaly Detection
  • Digital Forensics Part – II (Network and Memory Forensics)
  • Advanced Malware Taxonomy and Analysis
  • Software Security Lifecycle Incident Response and Recovery Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Research Project – I


·         Research Project – II